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Call (888) 217-1606 for special offers!
Call (888) 217-1606 for special offers!


Ensuring accessibility is important to us. We want our website's content to be easy to use for everyone, in accordance with Accessibility Under Title II of the ADA and guidelines. If you encounter any challenges navigating our site or believe there are features that could be improved for people with disabilities, please reach out to us. You can contact our Customer Service team at 888-217-1606 or email us at info@mobilitydepartment with your feedback and suggestions.

We appreciate your input and will consider it when evaluating our accessibility policies and ways to accommodate all of our customers. We also encourage third-party digital content vendors to prioritize accessibility and user-friendliness.

To improve your browsing experience, we recommend adjusting the screen zoom and font settings to your liking. You can easily do this on most web browsers by going to the settings or preferences section. Additionally, screen readers such as JAWS for Windows can help those who use text-to-speech software navigate web content. Both iOS and Android devices also have built-in accessibility tools such as VoiceOver and TalkBack, as well as options to zoom, invert colors, and more.