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E Wheels EW-29 Review: In-Depth Analysis of Performance & Features

EWheels EW-29 Electric Tricycle

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Max Speed: 15 MPH

Range: up to 20 miles

Affordability: ★★★☆☆

Durability: ★★★★★

Maneuverability: ★★★★★

Brand Reliability: ★★★★★

E Wheels 29 Hybrid Trike Professional Review

As an electric trike enthusiast, I was eager to test out the E Wheels EW-29 electric trike and share my experience with fellow trike riders. The EW-29 is known for its versatility, as it can be used as a normal pedal-powered trike or an electric motor trike. This feature immediately caught my attention, as it allows riders like me to engage in physical activity while still experiencing the benefits of electric propulsion.

Before riding the EW-29 electric trike, I researched its specifications and found that it is designed to offer a comfortable and sturdy ride for adult users. With its low step-through frame, getting on and off the seat is a breeze, making it an accessible choice for various age groups and fitness levels. Additionally, its well-balanced base ensures a stable ride and increases overall safety.

During my first ride on the EW-29, I was impressed by its power and smoothness. Its unique combination of pedal and electric power proved to be a perfect solution for longer rides or tackling challenging terrain. This allowed me to enjoy more trips without experiencing the fatigue that can come with traditional tricycle rides. Also, the EW-29 boasts generous storage capacity, including a front basket and a large rear basket, so carrying groceries, picnic supplies, or anything else I need is both convenient and effortless.

Product Overview



The E Wheels EW-29 is an electric-powered trike that offers a comfortable and convenient riding experience, suitable for adults looking for an alternative mode of transportation. The trike is equipped with a high weight capacity of 400 pounds, ensuring that it can accommodate riders of different sizes. There are several key features of the EW-29 that make it an outstanding choice for those looking to invest in an electric trike.

One of the most significant aspects of the EW-29 is its long-lasting electric battery, which offers riders the ability to travel extended distances without the need to recharge frequently. Moreover, the twist throttle control allows users to switch between pedal power and electric power seamlessly, providing the perfect balance of exercise and ease of use.

The oversized seat on the EW-29 ensures a comfortable ride, while the low step-through frame makes it easy for users to mount and dismount the trike. Furthermore, the trike comes fully assembled and ready to ride, making it convenient for those who may not have experience with assembling electric trikes.

As for specifications, the EW-29 is built with a sturdy steel frame that offers stability and durability. It is fitted with large 24-inch wheels, giving the trike a well-balanced base for all types of terrain. Additionally, the EW-29 is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, ensuring excellent stopping power and control when needed.

Performance and Handling

Speed and Range

I find the EW-29 quite capable, as it offers a top speed up to 15 mph, which is decent for a three-wheel electric trike. The trike is equipped with a 500W brushless motor, ensuring smooth and efficient performance. With a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge, I can easily pedal further with the aid of the electric motor. It's a great vehicle for both leisure and utility purposes.

Comfort and Suspension

One of the highlights of the EW-29 is the comfort it provides. The oversized seat and adjustable handlebars ensure a comfortable riding experience, tailored to my preferences. I also appreciate the low step-through steel frame, making it easy to get on and off the trike. In terms of suspension, the trike features a front and rear suspension system that helps in absorbing shocks from rough terrain, providing a stable and smooth ride.

Braking System

The EW-29 comes with a reliable braking system for increased safety. It has both front and rear disc brakes, which provide excellent stopping power, even in less than ideal weather conditions. In my experience, this feature not only adds confidence to my rides but enhances the overall performance and handling of the trike.

Design and Build Quality

As an e-trike owner and enthusiast, I want to provide an accurate and unbiased overview of the design and build quality of the E Wheels EW-29. This electric tricycle has a robust construction with some great features that make it a popular choice for fellow riders.

Frame and Construction

The frame of the EW-29 is sturdy and well-built, making it a dependable choice for various terrains and road conditions. The materials used in the construction of this e-trike provide a great balance between durability and performance. The oversized seat and high weight capacity of 400 pounds enable a comfortable and stable ride for riders of different body types.

The suspension system in the EW-29 is designed for a smoother ride, especially on uneven surfaces. I appreciate how the EW-29 handles bumps and irregularities in the road with ease, thanks to its well-designed suspension and strong frame construction.

Portability and Weight

The EW-29 is not the most lightweight electric tricycle on the market, but its weight contributes to its stability and durability. However, it's important to keep in mind that the heavier build may pose a challenge when it comes to portability and storage.

I usually have a dedicated space to park and store my EW-29 at home, so it hasn't been an issue for me. However, if you're looking for a more portable option, you may need to explore other alternatives that prioritize lightweight design and foldability.

Overall, the design and build quality of the E Wheels EW-29 electric tricycle provide a reliable and enjoyable riding experience, even when faced with challenging road conditions.

Ease of Use

User Interface

I found the user interface on the E Wheels EW-29 to be quite intuitive and easy to understand. The display screen is clear and provides essential information like speed, distance traveled, and battery level. The twist throttle allows for smooth and effortless power adjustments, making it a breeze to control the trike. I appreciate the ergonomic design of the handle grips and brake levers, which provide comfort during long rides.

Assembly and Setup

One of the key advantages of the E Wheels EW-29 is its simple assembly and setup process. That's because it arrives fully assembled and ready to ride, freeing myself from any complicated assembly or the need for professional assistance. This saves time and reduces any potential frustration I might have encountered, had assembly been a challenge.

I also found the low step-through frame of the trike makes it incredibly easy to get on and off the seat. Its well-balanced base adds stability, ensuring that I feel secure even during long rides or when navigating uneven terrain.

Safety and Security

As an owner of the E Wheels EW-29, I can confidently say that safety and security are important aspects of this electric trike.

Lights and Visibility

One feature that contributes to the safety of the EW-29 is its lighting system. The trike comes equipped with an LED headlight and taillight, ensuring that I can safely navigate through darker conditions. The bright lights not only help me see the road ahead but also make me more visible to other motorists.

Besides the lights, the EW-29's design offers excellent visibility. The upright riding position makes it easy for me to keep an eye on my surroundings, and the wide handlebars give me plenty of control while maneuvering.

Locking Mechanisms

When it comes to security, I appreciate the locking mechanisms on the E Wheels EW-29. A key is required to activate the electric motor, which serves as a deterrent to potential thieves. Without the key, the trike can only be used as a conventional tricycle, making it less attractive to would-be criminals.

However, it's still important to lock the trike to a fixed object when leaving it unattended. I recommend using a high-quality U-lock or chain lock, as these offer the best protection against theft. Secure the lock around the frame and wheel of the trike for maximum security.

Price and Value

When considering the E Wheels EW-29, it's essential to assess its price and overall value. I should first mention that the trike falls into the middle price range of $1000-$2000. While the cost may vary depending on the seller, I believe this price range is a fair representation of the trike's value.

One of the main factors that contribute to the EW-29's value is its cost-effectiveness. The electric trike offers a range of unique features such as a sturdy frame, comfortable oversized seat, and a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. Additionally, it comes with a long-lasting electric battery, providing users with a reliable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

In terms of warranty, the EW-29 comes with a limited warranty, which generally covers defects in material and workmanship. It's important to note that this warranty may have specific terms and conditions and may require registration on the manufacturer's website for activation. The warranty provided can give users peace of mind, knowing that their investment in the EW-29 is protected.

To summarize, the E Wheels EW-29 electric trike offers its users a combination of functionality, comfort, and eco-friendly transportation, all at a reasonable price. With its cost-effectiveness and warranty, I believe the EW-29 is a worthwhile investment for those in need of a reliable electric trike.

Pros and Cons

I have been researching the E Wheels EW-29 Electric Trike and discovered several pros and cons for this adult tricycle. After analyzing various reviews and the product features, here are the main pros and cons I've identified for those considering the EW-29 Electric Trike.


  • Comfortable and sturdy tricycle, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to ride, making it convenient for users.
  • Offers a large rear storage basket and front basket, perfect for carrying groceries, picnic items or any other belongings during a trip.
  • Features a low step-through steel frame, making it easy to step on and off the trike.


  • A sensitive braking system that may require getting used to, as it can stop quickly when traveling at high speeds.
  • The wide 92" turning radius might make it difficult to maneuver indoors and in tight spaces.
  • Some users may find it necessary to replace or adjust the seat and handlebars for a more personalized riding experience.

Overall, the E Wheels EW-29 Electric Trike offers a variety of features and advantages for adult tricycle enthusiasts. However, potential buyers should keep in mind the cons I've mentioned to ensure it suits their specific needs and preferences.


In my experience with the E Wheels EW-29, I found it to be a comfortable and versatile electric trike that met my expectations. The sturdy construction and the low step-through frame made it easy for me to mount and dismount the trike.

I appreciated the option to switch between pedal and electric power, giving me the freedom to exercise and save energy when I choose to. The high weight capacity of 400 pounds ensures that the trike can accommodate a variety of users.

As for the battery life, it was long-lasting, allowing me to ride for extended periods without worrying about recharging. Overall, I am satisfied with my experience using the EW-29 and believe it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable electric trike for daily use.

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